NEW! Watch for the new website

NEW! Watch for the new website

Through the months of September and October, we are designing a whole new parent engagement website for GRPS families, the one-stop site for information about how you can get involved, including new online courses.

Parents Helping Children Succeed

  • Learn new ways to help your child succeed
  • Attend free classes in English and Spanish: video, online, and in classroom
  • Soon you will be able to take new online classes
  • Soon you will be able to register to sign up for college or workforce development credits

Power Parents

  • Believe in and affirm kids
  • Model positive behaviors
  • Nurture your kids’ potential
  • Teach kids life skills
  • Promote opportunities
  • Connect kids to opportunities
  • Practice five secrets to success in school
  • Know cultural realities
  • Learn about technology