Parent University

Why Parent University?

You know your kids were born with unlimited potential—and you want them to succeed in life. YOU are the single most important factor in your child’s success. Parent University helps you become a POWER PARENT—with the tools you need to be a full partner in your child’s education.


Parents Helping Children Succeed

  • Learn new ways to help your child succeed
  • Attend free classes in English and Spanish: video, online, and in classroom
  • Soon you will be able to register to become a Parent Ambassador, Advocate, Leader, or Trainer
  • Soon you will be able to register to sign up for college or workforce development credits

Power Parents

  • Believe in and affirm kids
  • Model positive behaviors
  • Nurture your kids’ potential
  • Teach kids life skills
  • Promote opportunities
  • Connect kids to opportunities
  • Practice five secrets to success in school
  • Know cultural realities
  • Learn about technology